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Heart is still like wandering, maybe just me or can be tolerated in order to seek I am willing to stay past the harbor. Maybe just to calm the past, maybe just self-deception Bale. Day after day, year after year, I still wandering, still seeking, still no regrets ……Like a person alone in the deserted quarters, like the solitude and loneliness bring my taste, again and again, nostalgia and hurt today. This can apply these calm, but the heart still aches ……Looking back, the worry had been wound, can still be held by the obviousness of my tears, once the joy of music was gorgeous and beautiful like a dream, who said,Coach Black Friday, “Dreams are being torn soul crack emotions? “once you have me, have forgotten, like never appear ……

At this point, then, my mind echoed from a few words,Coach Shoulder Bags, my mother said my hand is still small catch happiness, always almost every time, my mouth in brave, but tears have been surrendered ……This is my happy memories fade, it is not the happy memories,Coach Black Friday 2014, when it can be truly happy, unknown awaits ……

On the road, long journey. I know a lot of girls I was a shadow life, I came to the rush to the vast. I am happy to know that the forgotten these similarities, but I do not know what month? If a person addicted to alcohol must have his grief, and sad people must be passionate person. I do not like to indulge in alcohol, pungent, so I will become more awake more afraid. I like to indulge in only their own sadness, so I can very sad, very sad …… I like sad makes me feel, then you can find their own happiness is the happiness faded ……Happiness, with as time goes by,Coach Outlet Online, constant turnover of the meet, in the end who is the who’s who.Window to rain lightly played, rain fly, messy petal quietly into the water, can not wait for a sunny day, in the end when is the end.

Perhaps rub shoulders more beautiful than met, and perhaps true happiness faded more than happy poignant, pass, some have been very happy, and some numbness gone well, and I am close to the latter, loved,Coach Handbags, hurt, the pain, I had never never forgot. I’m still me, alone, stood looking at the stars, a man in the corner, and even laugh at me too lonely fall, so I thought it was right and proper, broken words,Coach Factory Outlet Online, broken hearts, scattered on the ground of sadness, Who will heal That deep traces.

Read, read, liquid across the cheeks, but I do not know why ……Continue drawing,Coach Outlet, now I have not aspiring to her look back, let me facing us toward more distant, solitary silent night are quiet, windowsill months ago wandering thoughts mood difficult Syria,Coach Cyber Monday, where to go at this time of the heart, is a unknown. From then on, you and I can only look into the distance in the direction to each other,, but your sky, no my color.

Eration, two clouds rub shoulders, two snails on the TV, silent glance, lingering twilight, vast Pok Yi, there will be no love nor hate, because there is no soul, just keep labor and shouts, until it disappears the moment. Scruples me, day care for me, let me forget the past, the days do not pity me, let me continue memories. The wind stopped,Coach Bags Outlet, the clouds are still floating, or patch of similar happy clouds.Sometimes,Coach Cyber Monday 2014, however, want to pass in the clouds, as if never meant to love is in the Underworld Bana, quietly waiting for the next cycle, the next one after rubbing shoulders continue ……

Cloud cloud rub shoulders with another, whether it will be able to turn around to see the see. Heart is a deciduous season, along with the autumn leaves drifting quietly. Inexplicable pain, accompanied by music with low enjoin. Amber’s youth, in the time gradually blurred ……Forget it? You can also go to remember it? Forced aground on the other side, just a carnival alone, alone, rotate, stripped season injuries.Checkered, one-way street, a person walking. You can see my lonely back. Take my hand toward a happy country. Fall to tears that I cry? Can you give me a sugar, let me forget sadness.Gently whisper, shallow singing, to miss hanging on a leaf, let the breeze take it away quietly this time, mottled tears falling on the quiet time and space, but I was sleeping in this bleak bleak season.

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Look down at the top of the door opening surrounded by a layer of railings, Jiang Tian list and hardships raging swiftly. North comings and goings, the waves magnificent Yangtze River, with Yangze River greetings came from his hometown, people feel warm; River Land Pingkuang, the house is like, thousands of drainage myriad, and aerial transportation, new real estate tidy in own personality. South to Zhenjiang make entrapped in the bottom Kangxi imperial title epitaph in a jujube tree swaying against the background, dark green often new; Row upon row of Jinshan Jinshan Temple will be wrapped magnificent, Buddha overflowing. East faintly visible Jiaoshan, vaguely like misty river between days, Xian Zi Yi Maung; Guazhou Ferries vastness, looking across the river Hull Yangzhou. West to the new natural moat thoroughfare – Runyang Yangtze River Bridge, valiant dash, Jiangbei Jiangnan, from from “an aqueous phase” to “a water connected”; Jinshan Park Fun Red startle green, colorful, amidst sparkling towers Shadow Lakes Green Wave waves. In the tower, tiger style, a rallying cry, echo flow dang, unlimited envy temple Xiao Um, Delicate pale blue, pale parties themselves in the reality of life. Top down, walking Taying Lake, said that when Xin Jian Wang Changling farewell of Hibiscus House on the lake, the lyrics to “a Bing Yu Hu,” How many literati Zeng moved? Near Lake a lotus garden, stands a three Spire lights, by Jinshan Ci Shou tower for the King, inverted With the Delicate miniature version Santanyinyue Winalite.

To make up for the last regret in the evening ride to the MTE. Poet of the fort that year to pay homage to browse the hidden temple in the forest, will be top of the mountain, we have a “jetty I sunsets Market in the Smoke”, and on the stone walls Riverside poetry, in the sunset faint glow glory, golden red afterglow river, quietly alone out of the middle of the river seems to glow in Jiaoshan slowly rising ……Zhenjiang tour twice, two very different feelings, like rain in Zhenjiang in Rainy knot Chouyuan girl, Autumn Lane Zhenjiang seemed as young women filling the mature charm. I am reminded of the famous West Lake, the old Soviet Union: “For the West than the West, wiping thick makeup total affordable”, I think: in order to describe Zhenjiang, presumably would not blame me abruptly, right?

Revisit Zhenjiang is cool early September, down from the car, tucked away to greet autumn rain off. In recent years, Zhenjiang changed a lot, through the center and found lane, the story,Coach Handbags, the huge street advertising distinctive bright,Coach Factory Outlet Online, rain failed to stop the pedestrian footsteps. I doubt their memories: the tall silent in the rain, such as Dai Wang Shu poetic town where to go?

I do not know I was destined Zhenjiang with rain? Zhenjiang tour twice, both catch the rain, the first spring rains, and the second is the autumn rain started falling.On the fame, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou across the river compared it favorably too. Xu Ning praised: “The world is three clear moonlit night, two sub rogue Yangzhou,” Mu claimed: “Ten years sleep Dream of Yangzhou, winning brothel heartless name”, and even send Haoran Li Bai’s farewell Yellow Crane Tower,Coach Cyber Monday 2014, also added fireworks in March in Yangzhou atmosphere. Zhenjiang is the largest known spring green river coast, but also seems to neighbors beak and the name into the annals of history: “Jingkou Guazhou a water room.” But since there ji, with “Yong Yule. Solid Jingkou North Pavilion nostalgia “, Zhenjiang took it from” In the past, armored cavalry, swallowing air miles like a tiger, “the pride domineering, and Yangzhou Qinggemanwu parted ways, were clearly up. This ancient city is full of masculine Jin Jian, with “Jingkou three Shanjia Southeast” reputation, Jinshan, MTE, Beigushan, guarding the southern hesitate to take on the first barrier.

Zhenjiang rain town, there is a touching fantastic. First visit a few years ago when the plane trees yellow leaves just outstretched palm, it is “boundless Siyu fine as worry,” the Jiangnan Zhong Chun, narrow streets, brick houses, vermilion scuttle, colorful crowd ,Coach Black Friday 2014, all in fine rain cast a soft light, making this ancient city left me a hazy dream, filled with Singing Sorrowful impression. Jinshan Temple few tourists,Coach Outlet, homes yellow expanse hate the rain dyed mottled apricot, Zhong Xin Net sound is exceptionally long and rain; Beigushan rain on the narrow river wind blowing, the “Eternal country,Coach Cyber Monday, a hero in hunting ……” The inscription also contains a little sad; while the river fog lock Jiaoshan rejected my visit from afar.

Because of a legendary “stealing” so Jinshan Jingkou three mountains in the most widely known. The door all the way north, Jiang Tian Temple appeared in several overlapping peaks golden foothills. Jiang Tian Temple incense very busy and pilgrims flock. This temple built on mountains, sulfur gold cornices, black painting houses, red ocher post,Coach Black Friday, yellowish brown walls, as well as solemn solemn Buddha and King Kong, everyone always revealing Buddhist spiritual life as a discipline and supervision dignity. King Hall, Main Hall, Xiang Tong, Wang Heng on buildings,, Dian Dian Dian phase, deployment and streamlined compact, along the stone steps up, people have the courage and the big bang would be extremely Ling faith. Cishou located at the top of the tower, lean Qu spirit,Coach Outlet Online, they stand straight fearless, is the seat octagonal seven pagodas.

A few days later on Jinshan, the day has finally cleared up, this day is the Double Ninth Festival, inadvertently but should the Ascended old customs. Sky blue and lofty, still blooming autumn sun, temple pavilion tower exceptionally bright, incense is still strong. Inside the hall cigarette curl, Xin sound long, temple ceremonies are masterpiece, visitors gather together, voices, to the Buddhist tales shengjing somewhat secular forces realism. To burn incense ascended mostly elderly, wearing a blue cloth coat, along the narrow stone steps carefully and steadily up and down, laughed and talked loudly. Of course there are a tourist’s camera slung jeans young man, laughing with pointing Eighteen, law enforcement god. Yamashita being held “Gold Light” festival,Coach Shoulder Bags, night is the light show. Colored silk flowers and modern lighting everywhere play out a mirage,Coach Bags Outlet, bustling. The entire mountain and mountain building of the monastery is also shrouded in the light, the tower bell jingle. Shady trees, like a Buddhist paradise.